Cross-border Trafficking In Human Beings: Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Reducing Sexual Exploitation

Peter H. van der Laan, Monika Smit, Inge Busschers and Pauline Aarten have published their study for the Campbell Collaboration. It focuses on cross-border trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and prostitution.

According to the authors, trafficking in Human Beings (THB) gets more and more attention at supranational, international and national levels, but some aspects are still neglected.

The paper presents evidence showing the efficiency of interventions to prevent and suppress THB, especially at cross-border level. It analyses the impacts of the different anti-THB strategies and their evaluations.

The study is based on Dutch national data and on interviews of relevant members of the professional network concerned.

The publication is only available in English.

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Thu 15 Mar 2012
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