Annual report Fedasil 2011: voluntary return

The annual report for 2011 Fedasil on developments in the field of voluntary return provides insight into the voluntary return programs, and a summary of the developments regarding the additional reintegration support as well as future prospects.


About this report:

In 2011, 3,358 migrants have returned through the voluntary return program. Besides the voluntary return program, also the reintegration program became more developed.
The persons that have returned via the voluntary return program in 2011 were asylum seekers (528), ex-asylum seekers (1,155) and undocumented migrants (1,675).  The reintegration support went mainly to asylum seekers and ex-asylum seekers. In 2011 Fedasil paid attention to the return of specific target groups such as unaccompanied minors and kidney dialysis patients from Armenia.
The annual report provides also information about the efforts  that were made in 2011 on return assistance,  both within and outside the reception structures.

The figures show that Brazil (770 returns) is on top of  the list of main nationalities of voluntary returnees in 2011, before for Kosovo (457 returns) and Russia (270 returns). The nationalites that benefited most  reintegration support were Kosovo (269 returns), Russia (205 returns) and Armenia (156 returns). The number of voluntary returnees and recipients of additional reintegration assistance is rising in comparison with previous years.

The publication can be consulted on the website of Fedasil in French and in Dutch.

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