Ad-hoc query on the status granted in resettlement schemes

21 (Member) States provided information on the status granted to beneficiaries of resettlement, as well as on the practical procedure to grant this status and on the integration measures available. This query was launched by the Slovenian National Contact Point.

The ad-hoc query provides a comparative overview of practices on the status granted in the framework of resettlement schemes in 21 (Member) States: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, United-Kingdom and Norway.

Main findings of this ad hoc query:

  • The vast majority of (Member) States grants either refugee status or a subsidiary protection status to beneficiaries of resettlement schemes. Out of 21 (Member) States who replied to the query, two indicate that a different status is or can be granted (DE and SE). Two other Member States (EE and LV)  indicate that a specific procedure was not defined in national legislation as they had not yet participated in a resettlement/relocation scheme.
  • Some of the (Member) States also provided information on the procedure used to grant the status of refugee/subsidiary protection: most of them select the people to be resettled based on the examination of their dossiers and/or selection missions, and grant the status of refugee or subsidiary protection upon or shortly after arrival in the host country. In some cases, the resettled refugees have to apply for asylum in the host country after arrival (e.g. BE, FR, NL), but this is usually a formality as no interviews or full investigations are carried out.
  • Some of the (Member) Sates provided information on the integration measures available for beneficiaries of resettlement schemes: most of them provide beneficiaries of resettlement schemes with the same integration opportunities as other beneficiaries of international protection. Several (Member) States indicate that they organize specific pre- and/or post-departure orientation programs for resettled refugees (e.g. BE, HU, SI).

More detailed information can be found in the compilation of the answers given by the 21 (Member) States.

Publication Date:
Fri 06 Nov 2015
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