Ad Hoc Query on marriage of convenience

The United Kingdom is seeing a growth in the use of ‘marriages of convenience’ as a way of obtaining the right to stay in the UK

These marriages involve both UK immigration law (third country nationals [TCNs] marrying British citizens) and the Freedom Movement Directive (TCNs marrying EEA nationals exercising treaty rights).

1. What is the method for getting married in Member States? What evidence has to be provided, is there a difference between civil and religious weddings, are the procedures different if a TCN is involved?

2. What happens if a registrar (or similar) has suspicions about the genuineness of a marriage ? Is reporting these suspicions compulsory? Can a wedding be put on hold whilst suspicions are investigated?

3. Can a person be prosecuted for organising or being involved in a marriage of convenience? What for and what are the maximum punishments?

This Ad Hoc Query is available in English only.

Publication Date:
Wed 17 Aug 2011
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