Royal Decree published on fee to be collected by municipalities for certain residence permits

Today, a Royal Decree was published in the Official Gazette which details the type of residence permit the fee can apply to, and what the maximum amount of said fee is.

The Law of 18 December 2016 made it possible for Belgian municipalities to collect a fee when foreign nationals renew, extend, or replace a temporary residence permit, in order to cover the costs related to the processing of the applications (see article here).

The Royal Decree of 5 March 2017, which was published in the Official Gazette on 20 March 2017, indicates that:

  • Municipalities can request this fee for the Certificate of Registration in the Registry for Foreigners – temporary stay (that is to say for the residence card type A).
  • The maximum amount of the fee is 50 EUR for the renewal, extension, or the replacement of this certificate of registration.
  • The municipalities can only request this fee once a year maximum.

Further information is available here

Publication Date: Mon 20 Mar 2017
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