Ongoing and planned research EMN

In the second half of 2021 EMN Belgium will continue to provide input for multiple EMN outputs. This way EMN Belgium tries to contribute to an evidence-based migration and asylum policy in Belgium and the EU and Norway.

Please find below an overview of our ongoing research activities with their estimated publication date.

Studies and Informs

  • EMN study on Responses to Long Term Irregular migration - July or August 2021
  • EMN Inform on Legal Pathways (Innovation in migration series) - July or August 2021
  • EMN Inform on Digitalisation and AI (Innovation in Migration series) - August 2021
  • EMN study on Detention and alternatives to Detention - September or October 2021
  • EMN Inform on Ending legal residence and misuse of legal migration channels - October 2021
  • EMN Inform on Bilateral return arrangements - October 2021
  • EMN Inform on Skills Development and Migration: exploring innovative approaches to labour migration to the EU - October 2021
  • EMN summary of information in the Return and Reintegration Assistance Inventory - September 2021 and January 2022
  • EMN study on Trafficking in Human Beings - Begin 2022
  • EMN study on Integration of Migrant Women - Begin 2022
  • EMN Inform on the Application of the Principle of non-refoulement - tbc

Ad-hoc queries

Every year about 70 ad-hoc queries are launched on a wide range of migration related topics. These ad-hoc queries can be initiated by EMN Belgium, another Member State or Norway, or the European Commission. An overview of these ad-hoc queries can be found by clicking here.

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