Launch of the European Migration Forum

The first meeting of the European Migration Forum will take place on 26-27 January 2015 in Brussels. Through a participatory approach and the involvement of civil society organizations, the European Migration Forum will provide a platform for exchanges on migration, asylum and integration issues.

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In their call for interest for civil society organizations' participation, released in October 2014, the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee provide further details on the background and main objectives of the European Migration Forum.

The main elements are as follows:


Back in 2009, the European Commission together with the European Economic and Social Committee launched the European Integration Forum, a platform for dialogue with civil society on issues related to integration of third-country nationals. After 11 meetings, the Forum has been considered as a successful event and platform for exchanges and it has been decided to extend the scope of the existing Forum to include migration and asylum related issues.

Involvement of civil society organizations

The new European Migration Forum will continue to be a platform for civil society and to strengthen its participatory approach. In that sense, a call for interest was issued in October 2014 in order to select the organizations that will participate in the first meeting of the Forum. Similar procedures will be held for each of the future meetings.

Main aims of the Forum

  1. Enhance cooperation and partnerships between key actors in the fields of migration and asylum.
  2. Inform civil society organizations about the implementation of the EU decision making in the areas of migration, asylum and integration.
  3. Inform EU institutions of the challenges that civil society organizations encounter and how to contribute more effectively to meet migrants’ needs.
Publication Date: Thu 11 Dec 2014
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