European Commission publishes 9th report on relocation and resettlement

Today, the Commission adopted its ninth progress report on the EU's emergency relocation and resettlement schemes, assessing actions taken since 8 December 2016.

Some of the main findings of the 9th report on relocation and resettlement:


During the reporting period, Member States have continued to increase their efforts on resettlement offering legal and safe pathways to 13,968 people so far. Since the previous report, 913 people have been resettled mainly from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Belgium has welcomed 597 people so far under the 20 July 2015 scheme.


The overall positive trend has also been maintained with an additional 3,813 relocations taking place during the reporting period, and December seeing the highest monthly number so far (1,926). The total number of relocations now stands at 11,966. However, further efforts are still needed from Member States to sustain the progress made and reach the monthly targets set by the Commission of 1,000 relocations from Italy and 2,000 from Greece.

So far, Belgium has welcomed 177 people from Greece, and 29 from Italy.

For further information, see the website of the European Commission.

Publication Date: Wed 08 Feb 2017
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