EU leaders discuss the implications of Brexit and review the migration situation

On 28 June, the European Council meeting focused on the political consequences of the UK referendum and addressed the migratory crisis among other pressing issues. On 29 June, the 27 heads of State met informally and issued a joint statement following the meeting.

During the European Council meeting on 28 June, EU leaders stressed that crossings from Turkey to the Greek islands have almost come to a halt. However in the Central Mediterranean, flows of predominantly economic migrants remain at the same level as last year. In this regard, EU leaders highlighted the need for a partnership framework of cooperation with individual countries of origin or transit, based on effective incentives and adequate conditionality, starting with a limited number of priority countries of origin and transit. All relevant instruments and sources of funding should be mobilized in a coherent manner to support this approach.

The European Council meeting also focused on the consequences of the UK referendum. The decision to trigger article 50 of the Treaty of the EU should be taken by the new leadership in Britain. The 27 heads of State met informally on 29 June to discuss the future of the EU. In their joint statement, they regretted the outcome of the referendum; they expressed that the EU law continues to apply within and to the UK until it leaves the EU; they also stressed that access to the single market requires acceptance of all four freedoms.

For more information, please visit the Council meeting page on the website of the Council of the European Union. Please also find the conclusions below as well as the joint statement of the 27 heads of State.

Publication Date: Wed 29 Jun 2016
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