We are celebrating EMN Day! On 11 June we will launch the Annual Report on Migration & Asylum 2020, discussing ways to make migration management systems more effective and efficient. 🕚 11:00-13:00 CEST


The report outlines the most significant legislative and policy developments in EU Member States and Norway in 2020 and identifies common trends. These include:

📑 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the mitigating measures introduced by EU Member States and Norway to ensure migration management systems remained as effective as possible.

📑 Role played by electronic systems and digital tools.

📑 Developments to improve efficiency for better migration management.

📑 New partnerships and strengthened cooperation with third countries.


🗓 Register for the event here: https://bit.ly/2TF1N36

Publication Date: Fri 11 Jun 2021
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