Campaign "Don't be a victim of a forced marriage or marriage of convenience"

On 14 November, Maggie De Block, Annemie Turtelboom and Joëlle Milquet have launched a new campaign in the fight against relations of convenience. Victims are supported and stimulated to actively contribute to fight this phenomenon.


The campaign is the finale of a series of measures, the current Belgian government has undertook to fight relations of convenience.

Through the dispersion of short movies on the topic and a comprehensive website, they aim to inform (potential) victims on the subject, how to identify relations of convenience, on the criminal nature of the phenomenon and to provide an easy pathway to support and assistance.

At the same time, the campaign aims to stimulate those victims to actively contribute to the fight against relations of convenience and to prevent future victims, e.g. by reporting their story to involved authorities.

All campaign material - powerpoints, brochures, flyers, the movies, links to legislation and actors involved in the battle against relations of convenience - is freely available on the website.

More information

 U can read more about the campaign in the pressrelease and the campaign file, available on the website and attached above.

More information on other measures in the fight against relations of convenience:

Publication Date: Fri 15 Nov 2013
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