2.994 voluntary returns conducted by Belgium in 2018

Voluntary returns to the countries of origin are decreasing. Among others, this is the result of the lower number of asylum applications during the past years.

Compared to last year, this represents a decrease of 22%. This confirms the diminishing trend started in 2016 after the lowering of applications in Belgium.

The 2.994 voluntary returns to the countries of origin do not include the 133 persons who voluntarily returned to the EU country where they had already applied for asylum. These departures are organised by the Immigration Office in the framework of the Dublin convention.

The top 5 destinations representing 62% of the total returns were: Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Brazil and Iraq.

Regarding the administrative status of the returnees: 56% were irregularly staying, 29% have received a negative decision and 14% were still in the procedure for international protection.

In 2018, 1.370 individuals have benefited from a reintegration programme with one of the reintegration partners (Caritas and IOM).

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

Publication Date: Wed 06 Feb 2019
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