Non-Belgian Entrepreneurs in Belgium

In this study, the UNIZO (Union of the Independent Entrepreneurs in Flanders) outlined a quantified image of the phenomenon of non-Belgian entrepreneurs settled in Belgium

About this study:

The UNIZO is interested for a long time in this group of entrepreneurs and considers first and above all these entrepreneurs of foreign origin just as entrepreneurs. In the other hand there are of course specific questions related to these entrepreneurs. In most case, these have to cope with the fact that they are not native speakers of their host country or that they have another training.

The figures published in this studies are based on data of the INASTI (Belgian National Institute of Social Insurance for Independant Workers), sorted by nationality. It is obvious that this study gives only an incomplete vision of the reality, especially as soon as it is question of the "immigrant entrepreunariat”. As many possible definitions exist for this concept, this study will refer to the "nationality" as unique objectively distinctive criterion.

Author: UNIZO-Studiedienst, Anton Van Assche

This study is available in Dutch only.

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