MULTICULTURALISM: Success, Failure, and the Future

The political philosopher Will Kymlicka published his research for the Transatlantic Council on Migration. He studied what he calls the "central myths" about multiculturalist policies and provided evidence on related achievements.

Multiculturalism has emerged in Western countries, relfecting the democratic ideas which tend to replace ethnic and racial hierarchies.

However, the author raises a new problem: some political leaders have declared a failure of multiculturalism. He puts into question how such discourses can mischaracterize the nature of the experiments in the field of multiculturalism.

He also addresses a number of themes such as the new relationship of democratic principles and human-rights ideals or the increase of multiculturalism policies and its positive effects.

He finally investigates different factors which can facilitate the implementation of multiculturalism such as the desecurization of ethnic relations, the shared commitment of human rights or the impact of the perception citizens have about border control.

You can find the publication on the Migration Policy Institute website.

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Mon 19 Mar 2012
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