Intra-EU Mobility of Third-Country Nationals (EMN Study)

What are the challenges/barriers which affect the intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals? The study analyses this question as well as the EU acquis and national policies of relevance in this matter.

Background information

The EMN study aims to analyse the extent to which data is available on the scale of intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals in order to characterise current trends and patterns of mobility (who is moving where and from which Member States, reasons for mobility, nationality, skill level, duration of stay, sector of economy mobile third-country nationals are employed in, etc.).

Belgian study (dated from February 2013)

Authors: Laurence De Bauche and Philippe De Bruycker

The Belgian study describes institutional rules and procedures in Belgium for long-term residents, EU blue card holders, researchers, students and posted workers. The report also provides conclusions, policy recommendations, statistics and summary tables.

Detailed information are to be found in the attached document.

EU Synthesis Report (dated from July 2013)

The EU Synthesis Report highlights that:

  • The trend in Intra-EU Mobility of Third-Country Nationals has been upwards (in Member States where data are available over a five-year period).
  • There seems to be a fundamental difference in the mobility rights for EU citizens and for third-country nationals, with conditions more onerous for third-country nationals.
  • Labour market restrictions under Member States's managed migration policies shape the flows of all third-country nationals.
  • Burdensome requirements for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, as well as burdensome processes for the recognition of degrees and diplomas contribute, on a practical level, to shaping flows of mobile third-country nationals.
  • Other factors such as minimum wages, access to social security and social services, and rights to family reunification, also impact on the mobility decisions taken by third-country nationals.

More information in the attached EU Synthesis Report.

The national report of other Member States can be consulted via this link.

The EMN Inform on Intra-EU Mobility of Third-Country Nationals is available here.

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Thu 28 Feb 2013
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