The Integration Needs of Mobile EU Citizens: Impediments and Opportunities

This discussion paper investigates the broad range of integration needs that exist in Europe and the role different actors, including employers, can play in meeting them.

This discussion paper underlines that there is a need to consider how to better implement and enforce free movement rights for all those who move, and more proactively include EU citizens in language and orientation courses (on a voluntary basis).

According to the author, there is also a critical need to improve the knowledge base, particularly for local actors so that public services such as education and health can adapt according to the need.

Most importantly there is a need for policy makers to adopt a coherent approach to the social situation of free-moving citizens, so that mobile citizens don't find themselves in a more vulnerable position than their third-country immigrant neighbours.

Author: Elizabett Collett , Migration Policy Institute Europe

Publication Date:
Mon 18 Mar 2013
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