A guide on Trafficking of Women (Border Woman)

This guide, made by women who have escaped trafficking and based on their experiences, provides information on trafficking in women and advice for potential victims and support-organisations.

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This Guide on Trafficking of Women is the product of three years of work of women who have escaped trafficking. Through an innovative and empowering research exercise, victims of trafficking became agents of analysis and change. Instead of focusing on the tragic side of their experience, they shared among themselves how they managed to escape from trafficking and rebuild their lives. They discussed the existing support mechanisms; they scrutinized the core policy instruments and they eventually summarized their own experience and recommendations in this publication.

The Guide contains three main parts:

  1. What is trafficking in women: a general description of the phenomenon, an overview of the most commonly-used methods of trafficking and possibilities for victims to escape from their trafficking situation;
  2. Advice for potential victims: How to avoid trafficking, how to identify your situation, escape strategies, where and how to find help and legal remedies;
  3. Advice for support-organisations: how to identify a victim, how to undertake an interview and (how to approach) the needs of victims.

The Guide is also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

The Guide on Trafficking of Women has been produced by Border Woman, a network of women who have managed to come out from trafficking. It is a document written by trafficking survivors for trafficking victims, as well as for policymakers and social and institutional agents concerned with preventing and combating trafficking.

More information on Border Woman can be found on their website.

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Mon 25 Nov 2013
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