Fedasil: Annual Report 2010

The annual report of the Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (Fedasil) shows in chronology that in 2010 the crisis of the reception capacity for asylum seekers continued

About this study:

With regard to the high influx of new asylum seeker to Belgium and the relative long duration of the asylum procedure, Fedasil is not yet able to close down its emergency reception centres. This interim measure counts today for 15% of the total reception capacity of Fedasil and its partners. Fedasil is aware of the fact that a further expansion of the reception network would not be the solution of the current crisis.

Fedasil sees the following challenges for 2011: to evaluate the measures taken by the Federal government to reduce the influx of asylum seekers to the reception network and to enhance the outflow by different means like the increase of voluntary return. To achieve this goal it is according to Fedasil necessary to cooperate with all concerned services and to envisage a global approach to the problematic.

The annual report is available in French and Dutch and soon also  in a summarized English version.

Author: Fedasil

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Wed 25 May 2011
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