External Dimensions of European Migration and Asylum Law and Policy

In this new publication, M. Maes, M.-C. Foblets and Ph. De Bruycker provide an analysis of the dynamic relationship of the external dimensions of EU asylum and migration policies.

This volume offers different contributions of expert academics and practitioners. They study the asylum and migration issues in EU after ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.

The different authors analyse the general legal framework and the relationship between international law, human rights and EU asylum and migration policy. They examine as well the role the European Court of Justice plays compared with these laws and policies.

The volume explores the external dimensions of EU competences about asylum and migration. It also gives an overview of the difficulties which appear concerning the distribution of these competences between EU and the Member States.

It examines different existing instruments such as mobility partnerships, migration profiles, regional protection programmes or elements of EU external border control.

It explores the current EU (economic) immigration legislation. It finally introduces a reflection about the links which can be made between migration and development.

The version is only available in English and in French. You can find the summary  here.

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Wed 22 Feb 2012
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