Belgian policy paper on asylum and migration

The new Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration and for Social Integration, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), underligned her willingness to act "with determination" against abuses and fraud in the asylum and family reunification procedures, while respecting everyone's rights.

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The policy paper on asylum and migration from Ms Maggie Block mainly focused on the following priorities:

In the asylum field, a quick and high quality procedure will allow the processing of new claims within an average of three months in order to reach a final decision within an average of six months. The effectiveness of the procedure in terms of both quality and speed will be improved by a permanent monitoring system. Also a list of safe countries of origin, subject to evaluation, will be quickly implemented.

Multiple asylum applications will be discouraged. Belgium will also implement deterring campaigns to prevent the arrival of people who have no chance of being recognized. The government will establish a procedure for recognition of the status of stateless person. Finally, Belgium will participate at the European level and with the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations in resettlement programs.

In the migration field, regularization will only be made possible in individual cases and based on the law. Measures will be taken against abusive applications for residence permits based on medical grounds. Recent measures taken by Parliament to strengthen controls on family reunification will be implemented.

The fight against marriages or legal cohabitation of convenience will be intensified. The fight against human trafficking and enrichment through the organization of networks will be greatly enhanced. Interdepartmental coordination will be supported in this regard. In addition, procedures for unaccompanied minors will be improved and the new law of June 23, 2011 will address MENA's residence related issues through the search for durable solutions. In addition, maximum attention will be paid to voluntary return if possible, forced if necessary.

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Wed 01 Feb 2012
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