Annual Risk Analysis 2012 (Frontex)

The Annual Risk Analysis (ARA) for 2012 presents an analysis of events related to border control as well as to illegal border crossing and different forms of cross-border crime during 2011.

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The Annual Risk Analysis (ARA) for 2012 has been developed together with those Member State border authorities comprising the Frontex Risk Analysis Network (FRAN). ARA 2012 presents the main trends of last year along with probable future developments and recommendations for action. The six key indicators of irregular migration used by FRAN are:

1) Detections of illegal border-crossing,
2) Refusals of entry,
3) Detections of illegal stay,
4) Asylum applications,
5) Detections of facilitators, and
6) Detections of forged documents.

The 2012 edition also includes data on return operations for the first time as a seventh indicator.

Publication Date:
Thu 19 Apr 2012
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