European Commission presents options for reforming the Common European Asylum System and developing safe pathways to Europe

Today the European Commission is launching the process for a reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and developing safe and well-managed pathways for legal migration to Europe.

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The large-scale, uncontrolled arrival of migrants and asylum seekers in 2015 has put a strain not only on many Member States' asylum systems, but also on the Common European Asylum System (ECAS) as a whole. Therefore the European Commission is launching the process for a reform of the CEAS, presenting:

  • Options for a fair and sustainable system for allocating asylum applicants among Member States;
  • A further harmonisation of asylum procedures and standards to create a level playing field across Europe and thereby reduce pull factors and irregular secondary movements;
  • A strengthening of the mandate of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO)

The volume and concentration of arrivals has exposed in particular the weaknesses of the Dublin system, which establishes the Member State responsible for examing an asylum application.  The different treatment of asylum seekers across Member States has further exacerbated the problem of irregular secondary movements.

In addition the Commission will work on a number of measures concerning legal migration routes to Europe and integration policies:

  • A structured resettlement system
  • A reform of the EU Blue Card Directive
  • Measures to attract and support innovative entrepreneurs
  • An evaluation of the existing legal migration rules
  • Pursuing close cooperation with third countries (under the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility - GAMM).

The European Commission will also come forward with an EU Action Plan on Integration.

For more information, please read the European Commission press release from 6 April 2016. From there you will also be able to click on several factsheets on: the Dublin system, the Common European Asylum System and Legal migration.

Publication Date: Wed 06 Apr 2016
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