EMN Conference on Migration and Asylum in the EU: recent trends and policy developments (Brussels)

The European Migration Network organizes a half day event on Migration and Asylum in the EU: Recent trends and policy developments, on the 26th of April in Brussels.


The latest EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum will be launched and discussed at this half day event.

The EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum draws together information from all Member States and Norway gathered in late 2016 / early 2017, providing an overview of the main legal and policy developments taking place at EU level and within participating countries.

This unique EU overview perspective will provide the context for a for a constructive and stimulating dialogue structured within three panel sessions on:

  • international protection and asylum;
  • legal migration; and
  • irregular migration.

Senior policymakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, Member State Permanent Representations, researchers, IGOs, NGOs and other members of civil society will be invited to join EMN National Contact Points at this event. An informal exchange of views on key issues of relevance for the EU and Member States will take place, while existing and new synergies between stakeholders will be highlighted.

The full programme is available below.

When ?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017
08:30 to 12:45

Where ?

The Bip, house of the capital region (Guichets conference room)
2-4 Rue Royale 1000 Brussels, Belgium

More information and registration?

You can find more information, and register for the event, here.


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