UNHCR Statistical Yearbook 2010, 10th edition

The Yearbook reviews global statistical trends and shifts between January and December 2010, and provides a number of case studies. Findings demonstrate the continued relevance of forced displacement and statelessness issues.

Major statistical developments and findings in 2010 include inter alia:

  • Number of refugees at end 2010 amounts to 10,55 million (10,40 in 2009)
  • Pakistan, with 1,9 million refugees, hosted the highest number of refugees
  • Afghans accounted for 29% of the global refugee population
  • 3,5 million were identified as stateless persons in 65 countries
  • 21% less than in 2009 repatriated voluntarily to their home country
  • 98.800 refugees were resettled by 22 industrialized countries
  • 223.000 asylum seekers were recognized as refugees or granted complementary protection
  • 1951 Convention refugee status was granted in 30% of decisions
  • Children constitue 44% among refugees and people in refugee-like situation

The different sections of the statistical yearbook can be downloaded on the UNHCR website.

Publication Date:
Mon 02 Jan 2012
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