Synthesis Report Temporary and Circular Migration (EMN)

The final version of the Synthesis Report for the EMN Study on ‘Temporary and Circular migration: empirical evidence, current policy practice and future options in EU Member States’ has now been launched

About this report:

The overall purpose of this study was to illustrate different policy preferences and approaches to temporary and circular migration, and to provide evidence of their characteristics, as well as to identify lessons learned, best practices and possible policy options, which could be further explored at national and EU political levels. By doing so, the EMN study also serves to respond to the request from the Council, through its Council Conclusions and the Stockholm Programme, regarding further exploration and development of circular migration as an integral part of EU migration policy.

This publication is also available on the EMN EU website.

Author: EMN

This report is available in English only.

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Wed 12 Oct 2011
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