'Immigrant Citizens Survey'. An opinion poll among migrants.

The Immigrant Citizens Survey (ICS), piloted by the King Baudouin Foundation and the Migration Policy Group is the first transnational survey that is directly relevant for policy-makers in many areas of integration at local, national and European level.

The Immigrant Citizens Survey of non-EU-born legal immigrants captured the insights of over 7,000 people in 15 cities in 7 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain). They were asked for their assessment of whether integration policies and programmes are relevant, implemented, used, and have an impact on their own lives.

Focusing on employment, languages, civic and political participation, family reunion, long-term residence and citizenship, key findings point to a great desire to fully participate in the labour market in their countries of residence. One obstacle that migrants may face includes a mistrust of foreign qualifications, leading to almost 1/3 of immigrants surveyed occupying positions they felt ‘over-qualified’ for.

A report published by the research group GERME summarizes the Belgian results of the survey. This report can be downloaded here in French and in Dutch.

More information can be found in the press release from the King Baudouin Foundation and on the website of the Immigrant Citizens Survey. The report can be downloaded here.

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Wed 09 May 2012
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