Frontex Programme of Work 2013

Frontex Programme of Work 2013 outlines Frontex's areas of possible activities for the year in question, focusing inter alia on the further development of the EUROSUR system, the operational support to Greece, implementation measures and new structures.

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The first part of the document (General Part) starts with an Introduction and outlines Frontex’ Mission and Vision and the Approach taken. The Environmental Scanning section briefly touches on Frontex’ societal environment and elaborates in more detail on the implementation of the amended Frontex’ Regulation and the (draft) Eurosur Regulation. The chapter closes with an elaboration on Risks encountered, Mitigation measures proposed and an overview of the human and financial resources needed to implement the suggested activities.

The second part of the document (Frontex’ Key Business Areas) follows the functional structure of Frontex and contains, after a short explanation of prioritization and performance indicators, an overview of objectives, outputs (projects/products/services), performance indicators and resource allocations per unit.

The third part consists of a number of attached annexes (Annex 1 – Annex 4) and follows a holistic approach elaborating on the elements of Frontex’ integrated portfolio:

  • Annex 1 - 2: Capacity Building and Administration Portfolios
  • Annex 3: indicators used to measure the performance of Frontex
  • Annex 4: overview of procurement procedures to be launched during 2013.
  • Annex 5: operational Portfolio, classified as ‘RESTREINT UE’
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Mon 11 Mar 2013
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