Improving the SIS to enhance information exchange on cross border crime and irregular migration

The Commission is today proposing to improve the Schengen Information System (SIS) to close information gaps and to contribute to a stronger control of external borders and sustainable EU Security Union.

The Schengen Information System, that is a large-scale, centralised information system supporting checks at the external Schengen borders, will benefit from important technical and operational improvements to be more efficient in fighting terrorism and cross border crime, in improving border and migration management, and in ensuring an effective information exchange between Member States to increase the security of EU citizens.

The changes proposed by the Commission today should inter alia improve the security and accessibility of the system, strengthen data protection, enhance information exchange inter alia on "unknown wanted persons" and alerts on cases related to terrorist offences, better protect children, and contribute to effective enforcement of entry bans and return decisions.

For more information on the proposals to improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the Schengen Information System (SIS), please read the press release from the Commission from 21 December 2016. The latter will redirect you towards background information, frequently asked questions, factsheet, evaluation report and other relevant press releases on this topic.


Publication Date: Wed 21 Dec 2016
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