Overview of Ad hoc queries

Here you can find the list of available EMN Ad-Hoc Query compilations.

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This is an overview of the EMN ad hoc queries, for which compilations have been made. Not all compilations can be consulted on the Belgian EMN website. On the European EMN website most of these compilations can be found. An attempt has been made to categorise the numerous queries into broad categories in order to bring together related queries on a similar topic, although one should note that there are often overlaps between these categories in a particular query.

The overview of the compilations provided here have been provided primarily for the purpose of information exchange among EMN NCPs in the framework of the EMN. The contributing EMN NCPs have provided, to the best of their knowledge, information that is up-to-date, objective and reliable. Note, however, that the information provided does not necessarily represent the official policy of an EMN NCPs' Member State.

It is important to note that the information provided in a compilation is relevant to the date on which the request was made and does not, therefore, take into account developments since that date. For example, recent events and/or subsequent changes in a Member States' legislation/practice might mean that the responses provided are no longer valid.

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Tue 23 Aug 2011
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