Ad-hoc query over het recht op gezinsherening voor ongetrouwde partners

22 lidstaten geven informatie over de mogelijkheden en de voorwaarden voor niet-getrouwde partners op gezinshereniging, waarbij het partnerschap niet gelijkgesteld is aan het huwelijk.

The ad hoc query focuses on Member States' family reunification legislation with regard to unmarried partners, both those who registered their partnership and those who proved a stable and durable relationship but who are, in the two fore-mentioned cases, not considered as equivalent to marriage, in the following scenarios:

1. UE citizens and members of their family (option in article 3 – Directive 2004/38/EC)
1.1 Mobile EU citizens
1.2 Non-Mobile EU citizens
2. TCNs – Third country nationals (option in article 4.3 – Directive 2003/86/EC)

Detailed answers are to be consulted in the attached compilation.

Publication Date:
do 07 mrt 2013